New Enhancements to KubePlus SaaS Manager, simplifying the creation of multi-instance SaaS for Cloud-Native Applications

3 min readApr 8, 2024

[Austin, April 08, 2024] — CloudARK, the leading provider of a turn-key solution to create multi-instance SaaS for B2B software, is proud to announce the release of a suite of powerful features in their KubePlus SaaS Manager product. These enhancements are set to further simplify the delivery of Cloud-native software as managed services or SaaS on Kubernetes.

Streamlined Application Licensing Management

Managing application licenses efficiently across multiple instances and customers is crucial for compliance and cost optimization. KubePlus SaaS Manager introduces a new licensing management feature, allowing software vendors to easily track and manage licenses for each application instance, ensuring compliance and optimizing costs while offering managed services.

A license is associated with a Service X (backed by a helm chart) along with a Cluster Y. It will apply to all instances of Service X running on Cluster Y.

Elastic Integration for Historical Application Logs

Gain deeper insights into application logs with Elastic integration for historical logs. Software vendors can easily access and analyze historical logs for each application instance, effectively facilitating troubleshooting and resource optimization.

Automatic Installation of SaaS Infrastructure Components

KubePlus SaaS Manager now automatically installs essential SaaS components such as SSL handler (cert-manager), API gateway (nginx ingress controller), external DNS controller, and multitenancy manager (the KubePlus operator) as soon as a cluster is registered with KubePlus SaaS Manager control center. You can view their status from the managed cluster view. These components are essential for delivering your Helm chart as a service on the registered Kubernetes clusters.

Performance Improvements and User Experience Enhancements

CloudARK has made significant enhancements to improve the overall user experience and performance of KubePlus SaaS Manager for multi-instance multi-tenancy environments. These include streamlined access to application endpoints, simplified navigation through application Pods, one-click retrieval of Pod logs, and effortless access to application specs and cluster kubeconfig files.

These new features represent a significant milestone in our mission to simplify building multi-instance SaaS for software vendors and are based on requirements received from our existing users. These features are now generally available, and software vendors are invited to sign up for a trial of KubePlus SaaS Manager to experience these benefits firsthand.