KubePlus Verified to Deliver Managed Services with 100+ Bitnami Helm Charts

2 min readApr 4, 2023


We are thrilled to announce that KubePlus, our open-source Kubernetes Operator for multi-instance multi-tenancy, has been verified for its ability to deliver managed services with 100+ Bitnami Helm charts. This milestone demonstrates KubePlus’s adaptability in delivering SaaS/managed services for a wide range of containerized applications, including AI/ML workloads like MXNet, TensorFlow; open-source platforms like WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Apache; or a variety of data stores like Cassandra, MongoDB, MariaDB, etc.

We have been developing KubePlus, an open-source Operator, to simplify managed application delivery experience on Kubernetes. KubePlus takes an application’s Helm chart and creates a Kubernetes API (CRD) to represent that chart on a cluster.

  • Using this API, application providers can create separate application instances per customer; configure them as per customer needs; and perform day 2 operations such as troubleshooting, metrics/log collection, and upgrades.
  • KubePlus isolates each application instance in a separate Namespace and adds a security perimeter by creating Network Policy and Resource Quota objects for each instance.
  • KubePlus collects CPU, memory, network (ingress/egress) traffic, and storage for each application instance.
  • KubePlus creates an OpenAPI Spec schema representing the chart’s values.yaml when registering the CRD. This enables a native experience while working with these APIs. For instance, these APIs are “explainable” using “kubectl explain”.

To validate KubePlus’s ability to deliver all 100+ Bitnami Helm charts as-a-service, we rigorously tested KubePlus’s ability to deploy, manage, and monitor each application’s instances. KubePlus does not require admin/cluster-admin permissions on the cluster. For application charts that define resources for which KubePlus does not have permissions, we provide a utility to grant KubePlus the required additional permissions.

As a result of this validation process, we can now confidently say that KubePlus can work seamlessly with any application packaged as a Helm chart, providing our customers with an automated solution for their managed services needs. Additionally, our KubePlus SaaS Manager product (built on top of the open-source operator) offers an easy-to-use UI that extends the management of application instances to multiple Kubernetes clusters and Prometheus-based monitoring. It provides application providers with a one-stop-shop solution for their B2B SaaS or managed service needs.

In conclusion, we are excited about this milestone that KubePlus has been validated with 100+ Bitnami Helm charts. We believe that this validation will offer significant confidence to the community that their applications can be managed and delivered as-a-Service using KubePlus.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,

The KubePlus Team.