KubePlus — A Kubernetes Operator to enable SaaS on Kubernetes

  • How to package their application for SaaS delivery?
  • How to ensure that the different application instances are isolated from one another properly?
  • How to accurately track consumption metrics of various application instances?
  • How to perform troubleshooting of application instances, possibly remotely (in cases where the SaaS is being delivered on customer’s infrastructure)?
  • How to enable customers to create separate instances of the application for their end-users?
  • For application packaging, KubePlus leverages Helm.
  • To enable self-service creation of application instances, KubePlus provides the ability to wrap an application Helm chart with a Kubernetes-style API.
  • For application isolation, KubePlus supports a.) Namespace-based multi-tenancy model where each application instance is created in a separate Kubernetes Namespace or b.) cluster-based multi-tenancy where each application instance is created in a separate Kubernetes cluster
  • For troubleshooting, KubePlus enables application-scoped RBAC access for the application provider to the clusters.
  • For accurate consumption tracking, KubePlus enables fine-grained discovery and tracking of an application’s Kubernetes resources.





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